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With a sleek new redesign, Maxsurf 17 is a powerful new update to one of the original PC surfboard lineup. Maxsurf 17 is not your typical release. In fact, it is not a typical update at all. It is more than just an update to an existing board. It is a re-invention of the entire line-up. We sat down with the Wave Manufacturer and the Chief Surfboard Designer to see how they would deliver the ultimate surfboard to the world. Mike: Hi Jake, you have been working on the Maxsurf 17 design for a few years now. What has the design process been like? Jake: When I started out at the company, the process was relatively slow. I had a pretty good idea of where I wanted the board to go, but I didn’t have all of the information that I needed to really do any kind of design work, or to do any kind of testing or work. So it was fairly slow. I came to the company with over five years of technical design experience. But, I didn’t really have any experience with surfboard design. So the first year of my tenure at the company was spent really just trying to learn about surfboards, the science of surfboards, and how we manufacture them. I came in with all of the technology and designs, but very little of the actual experience. So I was really just there to learn about surfboards and the manufacturing process. But, it was hard to make headway because there was nobody there who could really show me the kind of depth that I needed. So, I ended up getting a few friends to help me out. So, when we started Maxsurf, I had two coworkers who were pretty technically savvy, and who actually knew the ins and outs of surfboard design. I asked them if they could help me out. And they helped me get the early projects done, because I was really new at the company and really didn’t know what I was doing. But, over time, that helped the process go a lot faster. Now, there is somebody at the company who is really good at the design side of things, and who can help me out with the early designs. Mike: Was there one particular experience that gave you insight into surfboard design? Jake: The most obvious one is surf contests. I had an opportunity to go to a contest on the Gold Coast, and




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Maxsurf 17 Serial Torrent 17 emiwen
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