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Resolve Colourist Icon Pack | Elgato Stream Deck +

Resolve Colourist Icon Pack | Elgato Stream Deck +


Dial up your colourist workflow with the new DaVinci Resolve icon pack for the Elgato Stream Deck Plus. This brand new pack includes icons and dial buttons arranged into eight unique profiles, pre-programmed to be used with the Elgato Stream Deck Plus hardware. Hardware is not included and is available at

  • What's Included

    • 144 PNG icons for the Stream Deck Plus' dials and buttons.

    • Dynamic, visual icon layouts with optional text labels

    • 8x individual, pre-programmed Stream Deck profiles.

    •  1x Stream Deck master profiles backup.

    • 1x DaVinci Resolve shortcut key preset profile.

    • 1x Shortcut PDF Guide.

    • 1x ReadMe document.

    • Free updates

  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with Windows and MacOS.
    • Shortcut keys made for DaVinci Resolve.
    • Designed for the Elgato Stream Deck Plus (not included).
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