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Resolve Colourist Icon Pack | Elgato Stream Deck

Resolve Colourist Icon Pack | Elgato Stream Deck


Accelerate your productivity and streamline your workflow with this bespoke DaVinci Resolve icon pack for the Elgato Stream Deck. This recently upgraded pack includes over 230+ icons with pre-programmed profiles designed to be used with the Elgato Stream Deck (15-key) hardware. Hardware is not included and is available at

  • What's Included

    • 232 PNG icons (72x72px).

    • Dynamic, visual icon layouts with optional text labels

    • 11x individual, pre-programmed Stream Deck profiles.

    •  1x Stream Deck master profiles backup.

    • 1x DaVinci Resolve shortcut key preset profile.

    • 1x Shortcut PDF Guide.

    • 1x ReadMe document.

    • Free updates 

  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with Windows and MacOS.
    • Shortcut keys made for DaVinci Resolve.
    • Designed for the Elgato Stream Deck (not included).
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